Frequently asked Questions

                            How many drinks does one batch make ?                                                  
                                                Each batch makes 2.5 gal - 35 - 40 8 oz. Drinks         

                                                 Does Infinite Fun Inflatables supply the alcohol ?
           We do not supply any alcohol. Our mixes are concentrates that contain no alcohol.

                                                How much are additional mixes ?
       extra mixes are 12.00 and refund will be given for any unopened bottles

                                Can I use my own mixes ?
     No our mixes are made exclusively for frozen drink machines . Other mixes that don't have        
      the right sugar content will cause damage to the machine .

                                               What size cups should I use ?
    Small  8 oz. Cups should be used . Large cups lead to waste as guest let the drink melt &             
     throw  away & get another . Also large cups can cause the machine not to keep up with the        
     demand of the party if you have many guest .

                                              When do you deliver the machine ?
   We will deliver the machine the morning of the party. We will set it up and pour in the mix              
    and show you how to operate the machine . We will mix another batch for you  or show you       
    how to .

                                            Can the machine operate outside ?
    Yes the machine can be used outside even in the summer , they must be in the shade                   
     at all times .Temps above 85 degrees machine may take a little longer to freeze.

                                            Can I move the machine to another location ?
   The machine must remain at the address the machine is dropped off at. If the machine is               
    moved to another location other than on the contract, there is a $ 500.00 transportation fee.

                                           What type of electrical supply do I need ?
      The machine requires 110 volt normal household plug , but does require a dedicated                  
       15 amp circuit . Machine must be located as close to the outlet as possible . No extension         
        cords . We have special ext cords if you need one let use know and we will loan you one .

                                          What else do you need to know ?
     We must be notified at the time of booking if there are any steps or stairs that may                         
      complicate the delivery.

                                          How many machines do I need ?
    Up to 75 guest requires 1 machine and 2 - 3 mixes 75 to 150 guest requires 2 machines                 
     and 4 - 7 mixes .We have discount for multiple machine rentals call for a price quote.

                                           How much alcohol do I need ?
   A medium strength batch of Margarita's calls for 1- 2 liters of Tequila & 300 ml of triple sec
   The Daiquiris calls for 1 liters of Bacardi Rum . We recommend a good brand of Tequila be           
    used . Please have the alcohol refrigerated so when we arrive it's cold .